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From: Hikaru Hasegawa  Date: 2015/05/18 09:16:57

Thank you, Bob.
I remember your kindness.

From: Bob Peelstrom  Date: 2014/06/14 07:03:23

I am honored to visit Hikaru's site. Our mutual admiration for Eddie Adcock is a bond that knows no borders. Hikaru has studied the Adcock style and executes it flawlessly. The Bluegrass fans of Japan are indeed fortunate to have such a fine musician.
Keep Pickin'
Bob Peelstrom
Meredith, New Hampshire USA

From: Gerrit van Bergeijk  Date: 2014/04/23 04:35:06

Sorry I forgot my website:

Thank you

From: Gerrit van Bergeijk   Date: 2014/04/23 04:33:18

Dear Hikaru,
I'm a guitarmaker from Holland. I've made several gipsy guitars for Japanese players. Maybe you know a good guitarshop in Japan that is interested in handmade gipsy guitars. I think it will be good when Japanese players can try my instruments in a few shops.
Thank you very much
Have a nice day

From: Hikaru  Date: 2013/04/08 18:34:27


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